Everyday life….huh….will time to rest come soon???

~One day I am going to miss this!

Online school, we got this!

Latest from the Blog

  • Integrity…
    Integrity is the act of being a good person with good morals, EVEN when no one is watching you. I keep noticing as I get older that more and more people seem to be lacking integrity. It is just crazy what some people will flat out lie about! For example, the second stimulus checks… theyContinue reading “Integrity…”
  • Midnight ponder….
    As I sit here, on my first day of my week at one job, I can’t help but wonder if there is anything more in life than working? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I have the most important job there is! Being a mom is the most rewarding thing I will ever do! IContinue reading “Midnight ponder….”
  • Balancing act…
    Do you ever feel like you are being pulled in a million different directions? It seems like being an adult is supposed to be go go go all the time, but what if I just want to not adult for a while??? Can I just put adulting on hold and be a kid!!! We finallyContinue reading “Balancing act…”
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